Flight Itinerary and Hotel Booking Explained - Schengen Visa Application

Published on 19. May 2017
Flight Itinerary and Hotel Booking Explained - Schengen Visa Application

Visa applicants are required to present flight itinerary and hotel booking when submitting the visa application. A lot of visa applicants do not fully understand the whole process so, that is why we've decided to explain all the details you need to know about flight itinerary and hotel booking.

What Is a Flight Itinerary for Visa Application?

A Flight itinerary is a document which you submit with your visa application. That document shows all the details of your flight and it should contain the following information:

- date and time of departure and arrival

- flight name

- valid flight reservation number

- details of connecting flights

What Is a Flight Booking?

A flight booking is a simple reservation which you can make through an airline company of your choice. In other words, you don't have to purchase the ticket before the visa is issued. If you don't want to book your flight reservation by yourself, a travel agent can book a flight reservation for you. You only need to pay a small fee, but it's worth it in the end.

What Is a Hotel Reservation?

A hotel reservation is one of the requirements for applying for a Schengen visa and a valid proof of accommodation requested by the Embassy. Also, a proof of accommodation shows the evidence of your residence in the country you are planning to visit. As a proof of hotel reservation the Embassy will be looking for the following information:

- your full name

- your entry and exit dates

- hotel address

- hotel contact details (phone number, email, etc)

- a valid hotel reservation code

* A hotel reservation confirmation letter is issued directly by the hotel. You don't have to write it yourself.

Note: It's not recommended that visa applicants buy tickets unless their visa is granted. Also, do not submit fake hotel and flight reservations. If you submit fake documents, you risk being denied.

Attention: Do not forget to visit the website of the perspective Embassy to get the most up to date information.